Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's a tankless job

When you own a home there is always a list of projects. Our list has "must do" and "want to do" projects ranging from new siding to new carpeting on the stairs. Recently we've been talking about how to solve a growing household problem, which created a "must do" project that is quickly moving up the list.

The girls are taking longer and longer showers. The blond twin will stay in the shower until the water runs cold. This means the brunette twin cannot shower for at least an hour as it takes about that long for the hot water heater to recharge. When they are showering on a leisurely weekend, this is fine. Most of the time, though, the hot water shortage creates problems.

Now we schedule showers like public transportation schedules trains. Daddy showers first since he's the quickest. I can shower after him since he'll leave hot water. We wait at least 1/2 hour before the brunette twin showers. Her hair takes so long to air dry that it would really be best if she showered first. Of course, she has recently started sleeping later in the morning, so we try to let her sleep. The blond twin showers last as her hair dries much more quickly than her sister's.

It's a logistical exercise that changes with every circumstance. After horseback riding the brunette twin showers while the blond twin eats dinner. We tell the brunette twin that she's to get in, clean up, rinse and get out. No lingering is allowed. The good news is she leaves just enough hot water for the blond twin to do the same thing. Even if she decides to linger until all the hot water is gone, there isn't that much hot water to start.

We've started alternating their showers. They tend to shower on alternating days unless something, like horseback riding or swimming, necessitates showering on the same day.

This is why the tankless water heater has moved up on the project list. We've been talking about it for a while. We've been researching it, talking to people who own tankless water heaters and saving our pennies. The tankless water heater has been high up on the list and down near the bottom -- sometimes in the same conversation. It is becoming increasingly clear that two soon-to-be-teenagers means it needs to move up the list again.

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