Sunday, January 18, 2015

A one finger salute during a cookie rally

The Girl Scouts had their big cookie kick-off yesterday at the Allstate Arena. The Chicago Wolves hosted the event, which featured an afternoon of Girl Scout events in the concourse, a pep rally and the Chicago Wolves hockey game.

The girls ran a booth to help Daisies (think adorable first graders in blue vests) learn to count money. The Daisies threw some large inflatable "dice" to figure out how many cookies their customers were purchasing and to figure out how much money the customer had to pay. Our girls helped the Daisies figure out what the change would be.

During the slow times the girls participated in the Junior Girl Scout activities. One station was a nail polishing booth where the girls painted their nails the color of the cookie boxes.

We were sitting in the pep rally, which was located in arena, waiting for the next speaker when the brunette twin stood up to show me her nails. She pointed her middle finger in the air and said, "Can you believe my nail polish is peeling already?" I just stared. If you weren't listening, you'd be correct in thinking my darling Girl Scout was giving me the finger.

I told her to put her middle finger down and show me her nails a different way. She said, "It's okay Mom. I'm not swearing. I'm showing you my thumb too." We had a lengthy discussion about why it wasn't okay just because she was also showing me her thumb. She laughed at the idea that anyone thought she was using a bad gesture. I laughed when I thought about what the other adults around us must have thought.

Today I told several people at church and everyone laughed, including our priest. If nothing else, it does make for a great story, for both our family and the others who witnessed the one finger salute.

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