Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year's Eve tradition spanning generations

A few years ago Mom called to say that she was available to watch the girls if we wanted to go out on New Year's Eve. She said she'd like to hang out with the girls and ring in the new year. Since then it has become a tradition for the girls to spend New Year's Eve with Grammie. They have a whole routine they've established.

The girls arrive with enough stuff to spend a weekend. They bring sleeping bags, stuffed animals, multiple clothing changes and games. They eat pizza, settle in to watch TV and snack all night. They watch New Year's Rocking Eve to watch the ball drop in Times Square and celebrate the new year with hugs and kisses

It's sweet and important for all of them. Mom likes to spend time with the girls, making memories with them and giving her stories to tell. The girls feel like grown-ups at a New Year's Eve celebration, doing things they couldn't do at home like staying up late and eating in the living room. They look forward to spending New Year's Eve with Grammie every year.

Both Grammie and the girls benefit from their New Year's Eve party. For as long as it lasts it's a sweet and important tradition.

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