Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Eve mystery in the making

We were talking about what needed to be done today when Daddy looked at me and said, "Do you remember whose packages are wrapped in which paper?" I said, "Nope."

Since the girls have been old enough to read, we haven't put labels on their packages. We put all their packages into one wrapping paper so we know all those packages belong to one child. We put all the packages under the tree and it drives them crazy.

This year we used a couple of rolls to wrap their presents. It wasn't by choice. Daddy was wrapping when he ran out of paper. He used two different designs for each girl, never mixing so each girl's presents were easily identified. He told me which packages belonged to which girl. I admired his wrapping work as his packages are always so neatly wrapped.

Several weeks have gone by and now we're staring at the tree. Do the purple packages with diamonds belong to the blond twin and the purple packages with the circles belong to the brunette twin? Which girl gets the packages that have red paper with white circles?

In the end we decided not to worry about it. Once they start opening, we'll adjust as needed. It's not the same Christmas magic as before the big reveal, but it does add a touch of mystery to our Christmas anticipation. 

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