Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stomach aches and tears

The brunette twin and I were walking home with Holly on Monday just laughing and chatting. We were about a block from home when we stopped. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. We saw Kiki running loose. We knew we were in trouble.

Kiki belonged to a family who thought the proper way to handle a dog was to leave it outside all day and night on a short tie-up. Rain, snow, storms, bitter cold? Kiki was always outside. At least she was outside when she wasn't running away.

We had a history with Kiki. She bit Oreo, but she didn't draw blood so the police simply wrote a ticket. They didn't complete the required bite report because Oreo wasn't bleeding. I knew we were in trouble when Kiki started charging towards us.

Kiki jumped on Holly and started biting her. The brunette twin kicked Kiki while I yelled at the 911 operator. She was asking questions, but it was so loud. Kiki was attaching the brunette twin and Holly. I screamed at Kiki and kicked at the dog.

Poor Holly had no idea what was going on. She had never fought with another dog. She viewed all dogs as friendly. She thought all dogs just wanted to play. It wasn't until Kiki started biting her head that Holly decided enough was enough. At that moment, a neighbor started calling Kiki. He managed to get Kiki in the backyard as the police arrived.

I'd say the story had a happy ending because Holly had small injuries, but nothing serious. The brunette twin and I took Holly to the vet. The brunette twin and I were able to talk and cry a bit before we picked up the blond twin from her after-school activity.

The blond twin missed the attack. She was at an after-school program blissfully unaware that her twin and dog were being attacked. From the moment she heard about it, the blond twin started crying. She was shaking when she heard the brunette twin tell the story. The blond twin hugged her dog, cried and kept saying she was sorry. We told her that there wasn't anything she could have done to prevent it. She seemed to understand.   

For the past two nights, the blond twin hasn't slept. She wakes up with stomach aches, headaches and cramps. She spent her mornings complaining about how she felt sick. Tuesday was Veteran's Day so the girls were off school. Wednesday morning she cried at the dining room table because she felt so badly. We let her stay home from school.

Holly was her usual self for the most part. Her ear started bleeding Wednesday night. The blond twin wasn't as lucky. She hasn't been able to forgive herself for not taking care of her dog. The brunette twin also talked about how she should have protected Holly.

All I keep thinking about is how angry I am at the family who was supposed to be caring for Kiki. They weren't able to do their job and now we're left with the after effects.

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