Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stay focused

We told the girls they had to clean their stuff before Christmas decorations went up. We have been really busy, so we haven't been very good about keeping up with our "one in, one out" rule. After a couple of hours going through drawers, cleaning closest and rearranging shelves, the girls called us to their room.

When we walked in we found a garbage bag ready to go out, a pile to be donated and lots of clean surfaces. We were admiring their work when I saw an untouched bin on the floor. I looked at it and hesitated.

The brunette twin saw me look at the bin. She said, "Mom, let's focus on the good stuff, ok?" At that moment she put her hand on my chin and turned my head back towards her amazingly clean dresser top. She proceeded to waive her hand over the dresser top as if to remind me about what a great job she did cleaning it.

When I tried to turn my head, she guided me back to her dresser. She said, "Mom, stay focused. The good stuff remember?"

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