Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pound what?

Overheard in our car...

Blond Twin:  "Your phone is ringing."

Mom:  "Yes, I hear it. If it's important they will leave a message. I'll check at the next stop light."

A few minutes later

Blond Twin:  "Your phone is beeping."

Mom:  "Yes, I hear it. I'll check messages when we get to Grammie's."

Blond Twin: "I'll do it."

The blond twin grabs the phone and starts scrolling through until she finds my mailbox.

Blond Twin: "Ok, it's asking for your password. What is it?"

Mom:  "Press XYZ and then hit the pound key."

Blond Twin: "What's the pound key?"

Mom:  "It's on the lower right side of the key pad. To the right of the zero."

Blond Twin: "Mom, that's not a pound sign, it's a hashtag."

Mom: "Baby, it was a pound sign before it became a hashtag."

Blond Twin: "No one calls it a pound sign anymore Mom."

Brunette Twin:  "Back in the old days it was a pound sign. Now we call it a hashtag, so you're both right."

Mom:  "Nope. I'm right because I'm driving the car. Now, press the pound sign and find out who called."

Blond Twin: "Ok, I'll press the hashtag and get the message."

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