Sunday, November 9, 2014

One two three five

The girls had their Fall Student Horse Show yesterday. Unlike the first horse show we attended, we were ready this time.

Two weeks ago we went to Goodwill to find some Western-style shirts. We stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics to by some glittery embellishments. I sewed the embellishments to the collars and cuffs. As we learned last time, Rhinestone Cowboy was more than a song. For these horse shows, even in-house, student shows, it was an expectation.

The girls went to bed early so they had plenty of sleep. They woke up early because they were so excited. We called about 8:45 a.m. to find out which group was showing. We were running tight on the schedule and wanted to make sure we had plenty of time. When the brunette twin hung up the phone, we decided I could make breakfast. If we had been running late, breakfast would have been cereal and milk.

By the time the girls got ready and out of the house, we were a little later than we planned. We weren't worried because we called to confirm the schedule. When we arrived at the check-in table, we discovered we almost missed their group. Their instructor originally told us they were going to compete in the beginner class. Even though they moved up to advanced beginner, she didn't think they had been in advanced beginner long enough to compete in that class.

When we arrived at the check-in table, we found out that the girls had been moved up to advanced beginner. When they were creating classes, they realized the beginners were really, really beginners. The girls were far better than those kids so it wasn't really fair to put them all in the same group. Luckily we arrived at the moment we did. We pinned the girls' numbers on their glittery shirts and they ran in back to get on their horses. Their class was up just after we arrived

They competed with smiles spreading from ear to ear. When the judges handed out ribbons for the first class, we waited for the girls to react. We pinned their numbers on so quickly that we didn't even pay attention. When the announcer called out numbers, we didn't know if those numbers belonged to our girls or not.

In the end the blond twin walked away with first place and fifth place ribbons. The brunette twin clutched second place and third place ribbons. They were thrilled that they rode so well against more experienced riders. We were happy that they were so excited.

They immediately started making plans for the next horse show -- shirts, hair styles, etc. Mommy & Daddy immediately made a mental note to get their earlier the next time. It was good that the girls didn't have time to get nervous about being moved up a class, but we don't want to cut it that close again.

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