Thursday, November 20, 2014

Calendar crunch

This is a crazy, busy week. I know I always think we're busy, but this week is particularly bad for some reason. We have the normal after-school commitments and something going on every, single night.

The brunette twin brought home a handout that said, "Congratulations. Your artwork has been selected to be on display at Barnes & Noble." She was so excited. Her sister's artwork has been displayed at the Stagg High School art show two years in a row. The brunette twin couldn't believe her artwork was chosen.

When I looked at the date, November 20, I reminded her that we already had plans. We were going to see The Grinch on stage. We had tickets for the musical for a couple of weeks already. The timing worked out so we couldn't see her artwork and make it to the musical on time.

She was so disappointed. She waited so long to finally be part of a student art show. Her friends were going to see her artwork and she wasn't going to be there. Tears welled up in her eyes as she took a deep breath and said, "At least I was chosen, right Mom?"

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