Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Like daughter, like dog

Yesterday I came home from the store to a quiet house. Usually when I come back into the house, Holly waits by the door to greet me. It's as if she was left alone for hours, even if I just go to check the mail. Yesterday she wasn't anywhere on the first floor.

I saw some stuff that had been on my desk scattered on the family room floor. I knew why Holly wasn't greeting me.

I made soup for lunch. When I brought it to my desk, I put the bowl on a cork hot pad. I put the dishes in the dishwasher before heading to the store, but left the hot pad. I didn't have a reason for leaving it there. I just didn't move it before leaving. The last thing I did before I left was turn off the TV. This requires two remotes in our house. I was standing by my desk. I put the remotes on the hot pad and left.

Since Holly didn't offer a detailed explanation. my best guess was that she was sniffing around the hot pad, managed to pull it off the desk, dropped the remotes on the hardwood floor and ran upstairs after the noise from the remotes hitting the hardwood frightened her.

In fact, she stayed upstairs for about two hours. She didn't come down until I called her to go get the girls from school. Even then she came down slowly, with her ears back -- as if she was waiting to get into trouble.

When the girls were younger, the blond twin put herself on time out one day. We never did figure out why. She simply announced that she was bad and she was putting herself on time out. As we walked to school yesterday I thought about how funny that was, and how funny it was that Holly did the same thing when she misbehaved.

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