Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The blond twin spent some time Saturday morning trying to kill a mosquito. The bugs are so bad by us that we don't spend as much time outside as we'd like. It's a by-product of a wet summer that I'd like to return.

She tracked it in our kitchen for a while before squealing, "I got it!" I said, "Nice job." Daddy turned around to see her success and said, "Blondie, nice hit" before he sighed. The blond twin smashed the mosquito on the kitchen sheers. One panel had a smooshed mosquito right in the middle.

I just shook my head and thought, "Of course the blond twin smashed a mosquito across our white sheers. This is why everything in our house is machine washable." After that fleeting thought, I thanked her for killing the mosquito. A dead mosquito is a good mosquito in my world, even if it means the sheers get washed.

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