Monday, September 8, 2014

Indoor Girl Scouts

We had a Girl Scout troop meeting yesterday to plan a community service project we're implementing in October. It was a lovely, cool day, so I organized the meeting on our patio.

We were a few minutes into the meeting when a bee came by. It wasn't angry or attacking. It was simply flying. Given the reaction, you would have thought an entire bee hive emptied on the table.

The blond twin swatted at it and shrieked. Julianna jumped from her chair and ran away from it. The brunette twin swatted at her head. Our girls went to preschool on a children's farm. They have spent days in a horse barn with all the bugs in those stalls. None of that bothered them. A single, small bee on our patio caused them to react like it was a bomb.  I told them to knock off the drama and pay attention.

A minute later Sarah started complaining that a mosquito bit her. She scratched her leg and scrunched her face. I gave up and moved the meeting inside.

Even if I woke up one day thinking tent camping was my favorite activity, there's no way this troop is designed for outdoor activities. Oh, we'll do outdoor activities, but we'll go knowing that there will be plenty of overreacting and complaining.

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