Monday, September 15, 2014


When the girls woke up, Daddy and I sang Happy Birthday. The blond twin was so excited that Daddy sang to her that she catapulted herself into his arms. The brunette twin sat up in bed and smiled.

Their actual birthday was a bit quiet compared to the rest of their birthday month. So far to celebrate their 11th birthday, they have had five events.

*A bar-b-que with Aunt Linda and Jenny before Jenny went to law school
*Pizza with Aunt Mary, Uncle Terry, Mikki and Jim before the Arcola Broom Festival.
*Pizza with Brooke, Ally, Clark and Aunt Linda before heading to the One Direction Concert.
*A Space Golf family party with Uncle Steve, Aunt Reenie, Jake, Zack, Aunt Sue-Sue, Uncle Dave, Sami, Josh, Grammie, Mommy and Daddy. 

Today -- to celebrate their actual birthday -- we had dinner with Grammie, followed by an ice cream cake. We sang Happy Birthday to the girls and to Daddy. His birthday is soon, although it's usually overshadowed by their big day.

There is still one more event in their birthday month. This weekend they are having a slumber party with their girlfriends. It will be a fun ending to their 11th birthday month.

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