Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer comes to an end

Today is the last day of summer for our girls. It's not the official end of summer, but since school starts tomorrow it's functionally the end of summer. The snow days we accumulated during last winter meant it was a shorter summer than we had planned. The girls got out of school a full week later than planned.

Still, they managed to have quite a bit of fun. They went to Girl Scout camp and horseback riding camp. They took Greek Mythology and Creative Writing camps. They split up for Leadership and Math in Architecture. They took golf lessons and golfed with Daddy. In between there were sleepovers and swimming with friends.  

We have more warm weather ahead, although it's hard to believe that given today's 68 degree high. The unusually cool weather today makes it feel like Fall has come. I always associate the cool, crisp weather with school starting. Even though I know more warm weather is on the way, there's something symbolic about cool weather on the last day of summer.

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