Saturday, August 9, 2014

Put it on that thing

We spent a few whirlwind days in Wisconsin to get away before school starts. We were sitting in Mia's restaurant in Waukesha when I looked up at the records nailed on the wall and said, "Do you girls know what these are?"

The blond twin said, "You put it on one of those things and put that thing on it and the hear the music." She moved her hands as if to show what she meant.

I looked at Daddy and said, "You know, you put it on that thing and put that thing on it and the music plays." I rolled my eyes and sighed as I said it. He laughed.

He went on to explain that the thing was a record player. He described how it worked. The girls looked shocked to hear that we had some records in the house still.

The next night we were back in Waukesha for a music festival. Every summer Friday evening Waukesha closed its Main Street and filled it with street music. There were different performers every couple of blocks. The girls and I were browsing an antique store when they spotted a typewriter. They stared at it and tried to figure out how it worked.

I explained each piece and told them how it worked. I blew their minds when I told them that I wrote my college papers on a typewriter. The girls begged to see it. I promised to get it from Grammie's house.

A few minutes later we all went back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and live music. I went into the next antique store by myself. Two history lessons in two nights was enough.

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