Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Movin on up

The girls spent last night at a friend's, which was probably the best thing they could have done. Today was their horseback riding test to see if they moved from beginner to intermediate. It was all they could talk about yesterday. It took their minds off the big test when they spent the night at Juliana's.

They were do nervous as we arrived at the stable. They checked which horses they were riding and only the brunette twin smiled. The blond twin thought America was a beginner horse. The brunette twin had Snoop, an intermediate horse.

The lesson began like all the others. It wasn't until the last 15 minutes that we started to see signs that they were being tested. The instructor asked them to do things that were harder than the other students. They had to show command and control of the horses at all times.

At the end she walked over to each girl, high-fived her and whispered, "You're moving up." We knew by their smiles that they were happy, but didn't know why. A grandparent watching her granddaughters was telling me how natural the blond twin looked on America. She said, "That horse fits her." It was such an nice compliment, but her timing was bad. She said it as Miss Maggie started talking. Mommy actually missed the big class announcement that the girls were moving up.

Miss Maggie made the announcement again. Daddy took pictures of the girls on their horses. They called Grammie to share the news. We celebrated with Plush Horse ice cream. The girls were so excited they could hardly stop smiling.

Now they move from mastering basic horse control skills to barrels and poles and other things that will make me cringe and them smile. 

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