Sunday, August 3, 2014

Golf girls

The girls went golfing with Daddy yesterday. We try to take them to a local nine-hole course so they can practice putting everything they learned in lessons together. They came home beaming. Daddy said, "They golf really well." They couldn't wait to tell me about their success.

The nine-hole course was a par 30. The blond twin shot 50. The brunette twin 51. It won't get them on to the LPGA tour, but it was their best scores to date.

Daddy said it was like all their lessons kicked-in. The blond twin hit some long shots across the fairway, which was something she struggled with before. The brunette twin was able to control her putting and get the ball in the cup more easily.

The girls were thrilled. Every once in a while during the day they would tell me a story about their day on the course with Daddy. They liked being out with Daddy. They like golfing well.

They came home ready to golf some more, but we'll wait a while on that. They can bask in their best scores for a while.

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