Monday, July 7, 2014

Loopholes provide a winning edge

The girls play this game where you say, “my Mom went to the store and she bought….” You have to say an item in alphabetical order. Each time you have to repeat the entire list and then add to it. One night driving home from a rained-out park concert, our list sounded like this:

My Mom went to the store and she bought

Baba ganoush



Hush puppies
Ice Cream

Jerk chicken

Munster cheese


Peanut butter jelly time

Shiitake mushrooms

Ugli fruit
The blond twin got stuck at X. We all tried to help her as no one could think of a food that started with X. It was kind of a competition to figure out the X word first. We had a mini-game going on within our car game. We started talking about random words starting with X like x-ray and xylophone.
The brunette twin said, “Did we say the Mom had to be at the grocery store?” We stopped and realized she was right. The Mom could shop anywhere. We never discussed where the Mom shopped. We just focused on food so we could add fun words like baba ganoush and rutabaga. The brunette twin made it musical when she started rapping "peanut butter jelly time." If we really thought about it, we realized the Mom could have bought a toy xylophone at a grocery store or groceries at a department store.
The blond twin triumphantly said the entire list, adding xylophone at the end. Yellow onion and zucchini were the last two words in the game.
The next time we play we’ll have to close the loopholes. It seems the brunette twin is getting better and better at figuring out ways to use those to her advantage.

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