Thursday, July 3, 2014

I am spoiled

If there's one benefit to being our children, it's that Mommy and Daddy like to explore. We're always out and about doing this or that whether it's in Chicago or some place else. The girls have started to realize that not everyone does as much or goes as many places as they do. As I like to say, "You two get around."

Sometimes when they misbehave, I'll say, "You are acting like a spoiled brat." I realize it's our fault that they are spoiled. It's not like they woke up one day and started making family lifestyle decisions. We don't want to stop going places and doing things. We do want them to better understand that they are lucky to be doing all these things and going all these places. We try and try to find that balance between our lifestyle and a world-view.

When the girls were in horseback riding camp, their friend Caroline came with them. Our families split drop-off and pick-up, so I had pick-up duty. One day Caroline was talking about how spoiled her neighbor was because he had this and that and the other thing. She said something like, "He never appreciates any of it. He just sits around complaining and being mean. I'm spoiled and I know it. At least I appreciate all of it." The girls then started talking about all the ways they were spoiled from gong to watch free movies in the parks with friends to materials stuff to travel trips. They decided that all kids should be spoiled, but grateful. It was sad that some kids who would be grateful weren't spoiled. It was sad that some kids who were spoiled weren't grateful.

We were downtown recently when the blond twin said that she knew she was spoiled and all kids should be spoiled. Wasn't it sad that all kids didn't have everything she had? I agreed with her and told her I was proud that she had this attitude. All the lessons we tried to teach them were finally cemented by a friend during a drive home from camp.

Oh, I realize we'll have moments, but I'm hoping this new attitude sticks.  And, I made a mental note the make sure the girls spend more time with Caroline.

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