Monday, June 30, 2014

Holly sitting volunteer

Holly is a girl used to having someone around all the time. Since I work from home she's alone a few hours here and there, but not very often. We always made plans for someone to take care of Holly whenever we went out for more than a few hours.

Before school ended Daddy had a great idea. He asked the girls' crossing guard if she would consider Holly-sitting. She jumped at the idea.

Laurie had a big, white dog who died about a year ago. She often talks about how much she missed her dog, but wasn't quite ready to get another. Whenever she saw Holly, she played with her and talked about what a doll Holly was. Holly always tried to pull me to Laurie whenever we dropped off the girls at school.

So far we've asked Laurie to Holly-sit twice. Both times Laurie and Holly were excited to see each other. Laurie's husband and son were happy to see Holly too. Both times Holly came home exhausted from all the attention.

We're so happy because Holly is well-cared for while we're gone. Laurie and her family are happy because they get to have a sweet, lovable dog again, without the commitment of every day. Holly is happy because she has more attention that she knows what to do with from everyone. It's such an ideal situation for everyone.

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