Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another fun conversation Daddy missed

As we drove home talking about the girls cleaning Josh's and Nick's rooms, I asked the girls if they found anything interesting in their drawers. The girls giggled and said they found something Brooke explained was a jock strap. I asked if they knew what a jock strap was and they giggled again.

Brooke said it was something boys wore when they played sports. They asked me why boys wore it. I had the fun task of explaining about jock straps, cups and other things males use to protect their private parts while playing sports.

It wasn't enough for the girls to understand why these private parts needed to be protected, they wanted to talk about why boys private parts are different from girls. They wanted to talk about why girls don't have jock straps to protect their private parts. At some point they tired of the conversation and changed the topic.

I always tell the girls they can ask us anything, but just once in a while I wish Daddy would be in the car for one of these conversations. I'd love his perspective on these topics.

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