Sunday, June 15, 2014

The first softball injury

Daddy came home with a pink baseball bat yesterday. The blond twin was thrilled. She shrieked and hugged the bat like it was solid gold. She ran to get her ball and started practicing.

A while later, she managed to convince her sister to play softball too. The girls went next door to play in our neighbor's huge yard. The couple treats our girls like their grandchildren. The girls love to play in their huge side yard.

Daddy and I were on the patio when we heard a pained scream. I looked over, but couldn't see the girls behind our forsythia bushes. A few seconds later the girls came running to the patio. The brunette twin was crying and holding her face.

The blond twin threw the ball. The brunette twin didn't react quickly enough. The ball hit the brunette twin in the face, pushing her glasses into her face. To make matters worse, the brunette twin then hit herself in the head with the bat -- the metal bat.

The brunette twin cried and cried. She was really injured, but she also felt pretty silly for hitting herself with the bat. She had a really big red mark on her right cheek and a headache.

The brunette twin didn't want to play on the softball league and this injury cemented that decision. Unfortunately for the blond twin, it will be a while before she will be able to convince her sister to practice with her again.

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