Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Team player

The blond twin has been asking to join a team sport for a while now. Every time she receives a handout for any team, the blond twin starts begging to join the team.

It's not that she has any real interest in the different sports. It's just that she really want to be on a team. She likes the idea of being on a team -- any team.

Last week she struck gold when we found out a friend participates in a recreational softball league. It is run through a local park district. There are eight games, with one or two practices a week.

It's perfect. The blond twin receives a jersey with her name on it. She gets to participate in a team sport. We only have to commit to eight weeks.

My problem with team sports is that they are a lengthy commitment. I don't know any team sport that doesn't become a second job. Between the games, the practices and the politics, it's all-consuming.

I hope she enjoys the recreational softball league. An eight-game league is something we can commit to every summer.

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