Monday, June 2, 2014

Fourth grade finale

Today was the girls' final school day. Their fourth grade class spent the day signing yearbooks, promising to make plans and wondering who they would have as fifth grade teachers.

Several spotty showers ruined their picnic. Instead of eating lunch on the playground with all their friends, the school took turns having lunch in the All Purpose Room. It was more like any other day, except today they had unlimited hot dogs, juice, chips and cookies. Each class brought something to add to the feast. .

We laughed when the brunette twin told us that she ate some strawberries with her three hot dogs, two chips bags and juice boxes. No one was surprised that she wasn't hungry at dinner.

The blond twin walked home so excited to be done with fourth grade. She already made plans with several friends. She made plans to keep herself busy for days and days.

Their report cards were full of other papers from a reading award to their physical education test results. Their fifth grade supply list made me sigh. They weren't even home from their last day of fourth grade before the school wanted them to start getting ready for fifth grade.

It's so hard to believe that the girls are fifth graders. It doesn't seem possible that they are old enough to be in fifth grade, but here we are. The backpacks are empty and summer plans are set. Summer break us underway.

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