Saturday, May 10, 2014

The first horseback riding show

The girls saw a handout for the horseback riding show a couple of months ago. It was the only thing they talked about for weeks. I finally relented and entered them in two categories, after consulting with their instructor first. I didn't know enough about the different options to know which ones might be right for them.

The last couple of lessons focused on skills they needed for the show. The girls paid careful attention and asked a lot of questions. Miss Maggie calmed them by letting them know she'd be in the ring.

This morning the girls talked about their outfits as if they were going to prom. There was a lot of back and forth about which shirt went with which pants. Of course, everything went with their riding boots.

We took Grammie to breakfast before the show to celebrate Mother's Day. Yes, we were a day early, but we combined all the fun. Grammie came to the show to see her girls compete.

Since this was our first horseback riding show we asked a lot of questions at the registration desk. I realized quickly that we should have put their hair in a braid. I had a hard time placing the numbers on their backs since their long hair covered the papers. Luckily for me another mom had a all kinds of hair ponies and ribbons in her car. She gave us two and saved the day. Grammie braided the blond twin's hair while I handled the brunette twin's hair. Even with the braids their hair hung on top of their numbers, although it was a lot better.

There was a funny moment when the brunette twin came riding out with a group. I looked at the other girls and said, "Those girls are advanced riders. Why is she there?" A minute later someone realized the brunette twin was in the wrong class. She went back to the waiting area.

Throughout the morning the girls talked about this student and that student. They even realized a school friend, who moved last year, took lessons at the stable. They talked to her for a while before their class competed.

After the competition concluded, we left with four ribbons. The brunette twin had first and third place ribbons. The blond twin had fifth and sixth place ribbons. The brunette twin glowed while the blond twin was less happy. Considering that she took lessons for nearly a year before she considered cantering, I though the blond twin did well. She didn't agree. I told her she could either put her way through the day or use the experience to motivate her to place higher the next time. She decided to work hard in her next lessons.

The girls were hardly done with their competitions when the brunette twin asked if she could sign up for more categories during the next show. We told her we'd see what was appropriate for them the next time. I walked away realizing that we'd be spending a lot more time at the barn as the girls grew more experienced. They love horseback riding, but they love hanging around with their fellow riders just as much.

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