Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sweet Sixteen party planning

Our girls were asked to acolyte a quinceanera ceremony late last week. It was a last minute request from a family we know well from our church. They were thrilled. They had never attended a quinceanera before.

The church ceremony was beautiful. Sophia looked like a princess in her golden ball gown with "peacock" feathers beaded on the skirt. The colors were beautiful. The girls were thrilled to be part of it.

At the quinceanera party, Sophia's father tried to teach the brunette twin to salsa. She wanted to dance, but was so self-conscious that she couldn't concentrate. The blond twin couldn't stop staring at the girls' party dresses. Within a few minutes the girls were both dancing with me. They couldn't stop watching the teenagers, though.

Our girls have been lobbying for a Sweet Sixteen party for a few months now. They attended a Bat Mitzvah a couple of years ago. We discussed the religious meaning, but the girls only saw the big party. After we attended the quinceanera party, the girls ramped up the pressure to start planning  their Sweet Sixteen party.

The coming of age religious ceremony followed by a dance party is something new to Mommy and Daddy. It wasn't something on our list until recently, but I think it's planted firmly in the girls' minds now. I guess it's up to Mommy and Daddy to get onboard.

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