Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day images

For some reason Memorial Day is the time I have all our family photos printed. I realize Memorial Day’s purpose is to remember those who have died, but it always makes me want to look back at our family’s past year.

Today I spent a few hours uploading images and sorting through them. I uploaded about 1,000 images. I ordered about 675. It seemed like I was deleting image after image, until I arrived at checkout with nearly 675 images still.
The images show our girls on vacation, with the family and at play. Last year’s Girl Scout camp theme was Snapshots. They took their cameras every day. I nearly forgot about that until I came across dozens and dozens of photos I didn’t recognize. It’s a strange thing to stare at people and wonder why they are on your family camera.

I always tell the girls they are well-documented children. We have images of everything from important events like holidays to everyday things like sleeping with Holly. Once in a while the girls pull out an old photo album and flip through the pages. They like to ask questions, point out details and giggle at the photos. Sometimes I think they don’t remember certain events as much as we’ve told the stories so often the events seem like real memories. This is especially true for things that happened when they were very young.

Next week we’ll spend time writing on the photos and placing them in the photo albums. For now I can anticipate how happy they will be to see the new photos in their albums.

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