Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bicycle basket filled with love

One of the things I liked about our house was a central location near many amenities from a library to stores. I was riding my bike the other day when I realized that I needed a basket for my bike. With a small basket I could ride to the library or the store and bring home things I now drive to get.

I came home to share my brilliant idea. The girls laughed like I was crazy to want it. Daddy never stopped reading his newspaper.

This morning I found a metal basket filled with handmade cards, chocolate and a garden frog from our girls. It was a great Mother's Day start. After a long walk in a forest preserve, which wore out Holly more than us, we came home to work in the garden. I needed to go to the pharmacy, so I watched happily as Daddy put my new basket on my bike.

I was so happy with my new bike basket that I stopped to show it to two neighbors. They both laughed because I was so happy to have it.

It wasn't a big, flashy present, but my basket made me very happy. It was fun and filled with love from our girls and their Daddy. What else could I ask for on Mother's Day?

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