Friday, April 11, 2014

Parents gone wild

We've always been the parents who go out without our children. We never hid the fact that we enjoy being away from them, even if just for a few hours. We just never thought it was a good idea to raise our girls to believe that we can't live without them for a little while. We always tell them that it's good for them to be away from us for a while too.

The girls often ask what we do when they go to bed. I tell them we do things like clean up, plan for the next day, read the paper and watch TV. Tonight, the brunette twin came running down the stairs for some reason she never explained. She turned the corner into the kitchen and said, "REALLY?"

I stood there with the ice cream scoop in my hand. I was putting ice cream on the apple pie I baked earlier. I looked at the brunette twin and said, "We always tell you that we have fun without you and your sister."

She ran upstairs to tell her sister what I was doing. The two of them were not happy with their parents. Of course, we didn't care. Knowing that we didn't have to hide our after-hours treats made us laugh. The best part was realizing that they now think we eat ice cream every night after they go to bed. I thought about leaving the ice cream scoop in the sink, but that seemed mean. Instead I'll make sure it's all cleaned up so the girls don't see the evidence. You know, just like all the other nights we enjoyed a treat while they slept.

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