Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nine and counting

I went to the store looking for Easter shoes. The blond twin has a pair of really cute, white sandals to wear. The brunette twin needs shoes. The problem we have is that the brunette twin wears a women's size 8 shoe. It's hard to find the cute, girly shoes she covets.

Rather than drag her through a bunch of stores, I try to scout possibilities. It's not very fun to wander through aisles telling her she can't wear this pair or that pair. Most size 8 women's shoes aren't appropriate for a ten-year-old girl.

I was wandering the shoe clearance racks when I spotted a pair of size 9 purple satin ballet flats. These had hot pink edging. I immediately grabbed them.

When I came home with the shoes I proudly presented them to the brunette twin. She was very excited to see the pretty, purple shoes. She couldn't believe I actually found such cute shoes.  I suggested she put away the shoes for a bit until they fit her.

The brunette twin dropped the shoes to the floor and slipped her feet into them. She said, "Oh, I can wear them now. They fit fine." I smiled because she was so happy. When she walked away I said to Daddy, "I can't keep up with her."

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