Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Career Day requires a uniform

I'm having a frustrating parenting day. Tomorrow is career day at the girls' school. They are supposed to think about what they want to be and talk to the class about how they will achieve their dream.

I realize the girls are in fourth grade. I realize this is a school assignment, not a lifetime commitment. Still, the assignment annoys me because they have to come dressed up in their future careers' uniforms. Of course, this assumes their future career has a uniform. Most of the people we know don't wear a uniform to identify their career. We know people who wear suits, business casual and t-shirts and jeans. You can't look at any of them and decide their profession.

It's not that I have anything against uniforms. My parents both wore uniforms. Mom retired as a bank vice president. Her employer provided a suit she had to wear. If you didn't see her in the bank you might not know it was her uniform. My father owned a butcher shop. He wore the white coat and hat you see every butcher wear. It was easy to tell what he did for a living.

The brunette twin wants to be an architect. What would her uniform look like? The blond twin wants to be a writer. Last time I checked writers don't wear a uniform. Neither girl can participate in career day unless they come up with a uniform.

The brunette twin is going with architectural drawings, pencils, protractors and rulers. She decided to see if her "tools" could pass for her uniform. The blond twin is going as a softball player. She wants to participate so she wasn't going to take a chance at not having a uniform.

It's wrong that this bothers me so much because it is just a single school assignment. I just wish teachers wouldn't limit their students to careers requiring uniforms. There are so many interesting things the kids cold explore if only the teachers would open their options.

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