Monday, March 10, 2014

Lost and found Chiberia style

The blond twin came out of school beaming. Her grin went from ear to ear, which is not the reaction I expected from a girl who took the first part of her ISAT test today. She said, "I have two great things to tell you. What do you want to hear first? One? Or two" I said, "Number two please." She giggled as she pulled out a pink gym shoe. She laughed and laughed as she told me she found her shoe sticking out of a melting snow bank.

I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

Right after Christmas Daddy bought the blond twin a new pair of gym shoes. It might have been two weeks later when we realized she lost one of the shoes. We were not happy. She cleaned out so much stuff looking for the shoe. She went to the school lost and found every few days looking for it. She cleaned out the car. She couldn't find her shoe. We were so mad at her. We tried to explain how important it was for her to be responsible since we had to buy another pair of gym shoes because she lost a brand new pair.

She kept telling us she just couldn't figure out what happened. We tried to retrace her steps. We tried to figure out if we left them somewhere like Grammie's. Eventually we just bought another pair of gym shoes.

She was so excited to find her shoe today that she dug my mobile phone out of my coat pocket so she could call Daddy. As she spoke to him I could practically see him shaking his head. After all our searching she found her shoe because the snow melted. It must have fallen out of her book bag on the way to school one day. Since the snow spent the winter piling up into huge mounds, there was just no way she could have found it before the snow melted.

The best news is that we didn't throw away the other shoe. I thought about it many times since I was certain we'd never see the mate.

This story will go down as one of the many crazy things that happened during Chiberia. I'm just hoping it's the last crazy story.

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