Sunday, March 9, 2014

Christmas in March

Since it stopped snowing every few days and the temperature is above freezing more regularly, the snow piles are starting to melt. One of the things happening is that Christmas decorations are reappearing. It is especially noticeable in yards where they put the light up candy canes on the sides of the driveways.

The brunette twin asked why people are leaving their Christmas decorations up. I explained to her that people didn't leave them up on purpose. The problem is the that every time it snowed people piled up their snow on the sides of their driveway.  It is only in the past few days that people have been able to see their decorations. Now that they can see their decorations, people can put them away until next Christmas.

It's strange to see so many Christmas decorations close to St. Patrick's Day, but it is also a sign of the season. Our never-ending winter creates strange situations with huge snow piles in strange places. No one starts winter thinking that they will have six feet of snow on each side of the driveway. It's why we still have Christmas decorations in place long after 2013 ended.

It is quite strange to walk Holly and see all the Christmas decorations. What might be even stranger is how much I'm enjoying the festive decorations despite the Spring weather.

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