Monday, February 17, 2014

Divided loyalties

Since we've had Holly, the girls have slept in bunk beds. The bottom bunk is a double bed, which quickly became Holly's bed. She would sleep with whichever girl was in the bed.

Recently the girls decided to separate their bunk beds. They like to rearrange their room so the dressers are in the middle and the beds are against the outer walls.

This confuses Holly.

Since they'd separated their beds, Holly isn't quite sure where to sleep. The first night I heard her going from one side to the other and back again. Eventually she slept on the floor between the two beds. Now she starts in one bed and wakes up in the other bed. She can't decide where she should sleep now that the girls have divided their room into two sides.

Holly doesn't want to take sides. She wants to have both her girls together, just like when they were in the bunk bed. Eventually they will put their beds back together and Holly will take her place on the bottom bunk. Until then she'll continue to go from side to side, always making sure her girls are safe.

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