Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Billboards tween style

We were driving downtown when the girls and a friend decided to start reading billboards out loud in funny voices. At first it was just silly, like when they read the read a few bank billboards. They giggled at the funny voices and tried to outdo each other.

It turned strange when they started asking questions about the billboards. One billboard has a baseball mitt, an apple pie and a semi-automatic rifle. The girls wanted to know why you'd need a gun if you were playing baseball or eating pie. When we passed the billboard advertising a local hospital's women's health clinic, they read the URL. The girls in the car wanted to know what "the girls" had to do with breast cancer. The friend talked about how her Mom recently went through breast cancer treatment. She talked about how hard it was when her Mom was going through chemotherapy.

I was relieved when we reached the theater and the billboard readings stopped. 

On the ride home I took a different route. The billboard readings started all over again. This time we drove by a billboard advertising an adult store. The girls asked what kind of toys adults played with and when. A few miles later we saw a billboard for a hotel advertising four hour stay for sensual relaxation. The girls asked why adults would need a four hour stay at a hotel room. It was quiet for a minute and then they all started laughing.

Happily for me they were talking among themselves. They didn't really need me to answer their questions, which  made me very happy. All I did was stare at the road and drive. This was one time I was glad to be distracted by the snowy, winter weather.

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