Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome back to Chiberia

The first two days the girls were supposed to be back in school after Winter Break we had wind chill temperatures about -50 degrees. Nope, that's not a typo. Our high never reached zero degrees those days. It was dubbed Chibera (Chicago + Siberia). Ironically, Siberia was a good 30 degrees warmer than Chicago during Chiberia.

We spent the two days bunkered in the house. The only time we went out was when Holly needed a bathroom break. In fact, Holly only went out for a bathroom break. Like good dog parents, we bundled up every day to take her on her usual walk. Holly would go a few houses down the block, do her business and turn around to come home. It was like she wanted to say, "Thanks, but I'd rather be in the house."

Daddy was able to work form home during Chiberia. His company sent an email saying people should work from home if possible. Given all the public transportation problems from train track switching freezing to train doors freezing open at stops, working from home was the right call. I'm not blaming the public transportation operators. It was brutally cold. They all did the best they could under the circumstance.

Now we're starting Chibera 2.0. Today and tomorrow are going to be brutally cold again. Before Chiberia 2.0 started the schools announced closings early in the day. The train companies told passengers to expect delays and problems. Cities warned people to stay off the roads due to ice and drifting snow. Everyone was better prepared this time because we just went through the bad weather.

While Chiberia was an adventure, Chiberia 2.0 is not. Once a year we can deal with the bitter cold because it's winter in Chicago. We expect a terrible few days here or there. What we don't want is to deal with the same terrible weather over and over again. We can't do anything about Chiberia 2.0 except hope it's the last one of the season.

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