Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The low battery benefit

The girls are starting to talk to their friends more on the phone. These are funny, cute conversations most of the time. The blond twin likes to chat on the phone more than her sister.

The phone they use most of the time is a wireless phone that sits on my desk. For months now I've been complaining that it needs a new battery. I realize a battery is an easy thing to buy, but that means I have to remember to put it on the list. Since I don't use the phone very often for work now that we all connect to conference calls via our computer, I don't think about the phone battery very often.

There is one huge advantage to not getting a new battery. The current battery only had about 15 minutes of life. This means the girls can only talk to their friends for about 15 minutes at a time. I don't have to tell them to get off the phone. The battery starts beeping and they realize they have to hang up.

Maybe we won't replace the battery for a while longer. If nothing else the short battery life prevents one more debate with the girls. The conversation has to end before the battery dies.

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