Saturday, January 4, 2014

I got the fun one

We celebrated Christmas with the Schmidt side of our family today. The girls came home with too much stuff. We all came home with too much food. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon.

While sitting at the dining room table snacking on party leftovers (or as I called it, eating dinner), the girls started talking about their godparents. I told the girls they had one godparent from each side of our family.

The blond twin said, "Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave are my godparents."

The brunette twin said she had two godmothers. First Aunt Lene was her godmother. After Aunt Lene died, Aunt Sue-Sue took over the job. The brunette twin looked really happy when she said, "Uncle Len is my godfather. Wooohoooo, I got the fun one." She raised her hands in the air and did a little dance in her seat.

We just laughed. There's nothing better than seeing how much our girls love their extended family and knowing how much their extended family loves them.

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