Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Target

This was originally posted on The Chicago Moms

Dear Target:

I write this with a heavy heart. I think it’s time we break up. I want to adore you again. When I go into your stores I see the cute clothes and wonderful home accessories. I wander down the aisles reminiscing about last fall when we bought our daughters new bicycles and the times we ran in to purchase diapers. And, with twins we purchased many, many diapers.

The problem is I don’t know if I can trust you again. I’m sure you’re feeling like a victim after having your security systems hacked, but I hope you can understand how fragile I’m feeling about using any plastic card in your stores right now. The never-ending bad news isn’t helping to rebuild my trust.

You see, I’m just tired of all the identity theft drama. My first experience with this kind of fraud came when Michael’s had problems a few years ago. We didn’t have any money taken from our account, but we knew people who were robbed. Since then we also had our U.S. Bank account hacked, which was a customer service nightmare. I’ve never felt more like a criminal than I did when we called U.S. Bank to report the fraud. At every turn I felt like U.S. Bank was more interested in prosecuting us than protecting us. As you can imagine, the minute the fraud issue was resolved we left U.S. Bank.

How do we leave you, Target? We have a long, mostly happy relationship. No matter what we need we can find it in your store. We’ve always been happy with your associates. We even know that we can find a Target wherever we travel so we don’t worry about leaving something at home.

Now though, things have changed. I want to continue our relationship, but I find it hard to go into your stores. I try to wander your aisles seeking needed items. I try to feel comforted by your associates’ smiles and helpful ways. I find myself going with a small amount of cash only to buy a very limited number of items. If I can find it somewhere else, I usually take that option these days.

The problem is that I miss you Target. I don’t want to discover new stores and try to figure out where my favorite items are located. I don’t want to be forced to find new brands in new stores. I want my old Target back, where I felt safe and shopped without worrying if I was exposing my family to a financial nightmare. Of course, now I’m worried about ever using a credit or debit card to shop. I’m starting to wonder if I should return to writing checks. You remember checks, don’t you?

I will say that it’s very customer-friendly of you to offer a free year of credit reporting. Sadly, though, we already have a free year of credit reporting. In 2012 Advocate Healthcare provided that service because our information was compromised after an office was burglarized.

Yes, we’re veterans in this war. It’s a war we’re tired of fighting. They say time heals all wounds, but I don’t think time will heal this pain. My shopping habits are forever changed. I know I can’t completely stop using plastic to pay for purchases, but I will severely limit my purchase to cash on hand as much as possible.

Someday I hope we can be friends again. I hope you’ll understand, Target, if I take a break for a while.


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E.F. Coleman said...

You are so right, I was in Target just today it was deserted. It looked like some apocalyptic disaster had wiped everything out for miles around. So don't feel bad, you are evidently not alone.