Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We have a winner

This year the girls participated in a school program called Battle of the Books. During the semester each team had to read certain books in preparation for the Battle of the Books trivia contest.

Today their teams went up against other fourth and fifth grade teams. It sounds like it was a spirited competition. In the end two teams were tied -- and our girls were on each team. After a tense overtime, the brunette twin's team -- Tie Dye Ponies -- won. The blond twin's team came in second.

When they got into the car after choir practice, the brunette twin was about to explode. She couldn't wait to tell me the big news. She went through every detail, explaining over and over again how her team won. She was thrilled.

The brunette twin said, "Finally it's my turn. Sissy had her poem published. She won the fire department coloring contest. Now my team wins the Book Buddies contest. I won something."

She wasn't gloating as much as she expressed her relief. She finally won something. She knew that we'd talk about her victory the same way we talk about the blond twin's poem being published. Tt was like a weight lifted from her shoulders.

I didn't remind her that she won a trophy during golf camp a couple of summers ago. She won for her skill, but in her mind it didn't really count. No one from school appreciated her victory.

The brunette twin spent the rest of the night basking in her victory. Even her sister couldn't resist smiling at how proud the brunette twin was about her victory. The victory glow won't last long, though. The brunette twin started planning for next semester's Battle of the Books competition tonight. She's ready to defend her victory.

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Anna D said...

This makes me so so so happy to read. Go brunette twin!!

PS I love that this is a competition. Stellar.