Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pink and proud

Holly has cemented herself as the girls' dog. If Oreo wanted to be near any one of us, Holly wants to be near the girls. As long as her girls are home, she doesn't care if she walks at the usual times or if she stays home with them. She sleeps with the blond twin every night. As long as the girls are in their bedroom, Holly stays in bed with the blond twin.

Today their friend Amira came to play. At first Amira was afraid of Holly. Truth be told, Amira is smaller than Holly. She's barely taller than Holly and we're sure Holly weighs more than Amira. For a while Amira was afraid of Holly. About an hour or so later Amira was laughing and playing and treating Holly like her dog.
Just when we thought she couldn't do anything else to cement herself as the girls' dog, the girls and Amira came out of the girls' room just laughing. They could hardly control themselves. Finally they parted and Holly came into the room.

Holly had on a pink shirt the blond twin recently outgrew. The girls managed to get the shirt over Holly's head and over her paws. Holly was prancing behind them because she didn't want them to leave her in the room. She was decked in hot pink with her tail wagging.

Once we stopped laughing we told the girls to take off the shirt. Holly might have been willing to model it, but she was trying to bite it off her legs. She didn't like it very much.

When they left the room Daddy looked at me and said, "The dog won't let us dry her paws, but she lets them put a shirt on her?" If we had any doubts about Holly's loyalties, her time as a t-shirt model removed them.

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