Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holly Jolly Christmas

As we started planning for Christmas, we kept talking about how Holly would react. We have a lot of beautiful glass ornaments that spent the season in boxes. We weren't sure if she would play with the tree or the presents. We decided not to put up the ornaments this year just to play it safe. We didn't know if Holly would try to open the packages. We tried to protect Holly through our Christmas planning.

It turns out Holly was fine near the tree. I saw images of Holly playing with the girls and knocking the tree down, but that didn't happen. In fact Holly went near the tree to sniff the ornaments and packages, but she didn't try to eat anything or rip any packages. Mostly it was just something she found interesting as she passed by.

We had a few mishaps. We had a wooden Christmas tree about four feet tall in the foyer. One day it fell on Holly as she played tag with the girls. Holly spent the rest of the season afraid to go into the foyer near the Christmas tree. I tried to pull out cookie sheets and dropped some other baking sheets on the floor. The noise frightened Holly as she started walking into the kitchen.

What made us laugh throughout Christmas was walking Holly. She despised the outdoor decorations. A blow-up Santa? She barked the entire time she walked by the house. A lighted nativity scene? Holly stood in front of it barking. She wanted to be certain that those people knew not to come near her. She protected us from those blinking lights. No matter what, Holly wasn't going to let those blinking lights attack us.

Christmas morning Holly sat near the tree while the girls opened presents. She was funny because she walked all the way around the house rather than go across the wrapping paper. The girls made a pile, which Holly saw as a wall. She really wouldn't go near it until we created a path for her.

Our first Christmas with Holly was much easier than we anticipated. It wasn't that we thought she would be intentionally destructive, but she's a big, lanky puppy. She still plays a bit too rough at times. She isn't always in control of her body as she runs around. It's adorable unless you think the dog is going to take down the Christmas tree.

If we're luck, and Holly calms down a bit more, I anticipate putting our art glass ornaments on the tree next year. She passed her Christmas tests this year.

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