Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A change in our gift policy

We were driving home from horseback riding lessons when the blond twin said, "I don't care if you get us anything but horseback riding lessons for Christmas." I was about to tell her I'm happy that she likes to horseback ride so much when the brunette twin said, "Why would you ask for something you're going to get any way?"

In my head I heard that screeching sound tires slamming on road make. I was trying to process what the brunette twin said while these words came out of my mouth, "Who said you're going to get them any way?"

On the one hand the brunette twin knows we'll support their interests, as long as they are reasonable. Horseback riding lessons at a local stable are probably going to happen fairly regularly. Ski lessons on a Colorado mountain after watching the Olympics? Surfing lessons in Hawaii after watching Soul Surfer? Not going to happen.

On the other hand, I couldn't help but wonder how entitled the brunette twin was beginning to feel. It's not a development we're happy about. I always say the girls "get around" because we take them to a lot of different places/shows/restaurants. It's stuff we liked to do before they were born. We just added them to the mix as they are old enough to enjoy these things.

She won't remember what she said, but we decided it changed how we determine their presents. Stuff we might have just given them, like concert tickets, are now going to be wrapped and given as a gift. They needed long underwear and warm winter gloves for some outdoor activities. Those are under the tree. We're starting with their Christmas presents and will continue as they get older. They might not notice, but the brunette twin's comments certainly will change the way we think about what they get and how they view it.

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