Saturday, November 9, 2013

Star Spangled Blah

You know how parents talk about how miserable it is to listen to their children when they are practicing their instruments? I haven't had that experience until now. Before this set of songs, the girls would make slow and steady progress on their songs. They didn't always sound great, but you could hear them improve each time they practiced. Now the blond twin is struggling with the Star Spangled Banner. There is just one section she just cannot get right.

It is driving me crazy. With the other songs they learned I didn't always know how the final product was supposed to sound. I just went with the flow until they mastered the notes. The Star Spangled Banner, though, is a different animal. I know exactly how that is supposed to sound.

I'm finding it hard to be a patient, supportive parent. I've become impatient with her inability to get these few notes correct. Every time she plays I hear the words in my head until she gets near the end when the notes don't match what I expect to hear. I've heard the Start Spangled Banner so often that no matter where she starts playing the song the words just flow in my head.

We're close, so close in fact that I know she'll get it right soon. The problem is she really has to get every note right. There's no way I'm going to let her stop practicing it until it's perfect. Yet every time she hits the wrong note my brain flips a bit.

This is one song I'll be happy to finish. Even though by finish I mean get it right because I know she'll continue to play the song. I just want to get to a point where her notes match what's going on in my head so I don't wince whenever she hits a wrong note.

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