Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rodeo girls

A couple of months ago we were at Gordyville, a Central IL destination for horse shows, flea markets and animal auctions. We were there for a flea market. I like to search there for interesting garden ornaments. While there Aunt Debbie mentioned that Gordyville hosts rodeos. The girls were hooked.

We made plans to go to the rodeo. Part of the plan was for the girls to spend the night with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Len. At the time we were going to go down, spend the night in hotel and let the girls spend the night with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Len. As soon as we started planning the blond twin wanted to clarify the arrangements. She said, "You're not coming with are you? I mean it's ok if you come with, but we're going with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Len alone right? You aren't coming with us are you?"

I just laughed. I promised her that even if we were in the same area we wouldn't interfere with their time with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Len. My recent surgery changed our plans, which was fine with the girls. Daddy took the girls to meet Aunt Debbie for the drop-off.

Today we received a phone call from the girls early to set-up the drop-off time. We knew they would have fun, but we had no idea how much fun until we picked up the phone. The blond twin yelled, "The rodeo was AWESOME." She proceeded to tell us all the details she could remember as quickly as possible -- barrel riders, bull riders, steer wrestling, a rodeo clown, lasso competitions. There was probably more, but it was hard to keep them straight. The brunette twin came on the phone and told us all her favorite parts. At some point the blond twin said, "You're on speaker phone by the way."

We just laughed. They were just bubbling with excitement. Aunt Debbie suggested meeting at Noon, but one of the girls said, "Can't we stay until 1:00 p.m.? We don't want to go home."

Daddy picked up the girls about 1:00 p.m. We knew they'd be tired, but Daddy said the girls were asleep in the car before he made it to the expressway. By the time they came home they were refreshed and ready to talk.

At dinner we had them take turns telling stories. The things they found interesting made us laugh. They did impressions of the pre-rodeo announcements. They talked about how the rider slid off the horse on to the steer for the steer roping. They talk about the rodeo clown distracting the animals. They repeated stories the announcer said about dating the rodeo cowboys. They discussed their favorite outfits. They explained the heights, colors and personalities of their favorite horses. They talked so much and so quickly that we had to limit them to one story before they let the other one talk.  We were getting confused about the details, but it was clear that they had a great time.

They loved the rodeo. They loved spending the night with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Len. We love listening to them tell the stories. We always tell them that they should have special times just with their aunts and uncles. Given how much they loved the rodeo, I'd say it might be one of their favorite events to date. 

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