Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh please where can I find sleeves?

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What is going on with all the sleeveless holiday dresses? I recently spent hours and hours and hours trying to find Christmas dresses for our ten-year-old twin daughters. Everything I saw looked like something they’d wear to a summer pool party rather than something appropriate for a Chicago Christmas.

Perhaps designers and retail managers don’t realize this, but Christmas in Chicago is cold. It might be 40 degrees, and if the temperature goes that high we’ll consider it a warm day. More likely it will be freezing or below, which is pretty normal for December Chicago weather.

What ever happened to sleeves on winter dresses? I had a hard time even finding a dress with anything more than tiny, cap sleeves. Who wears stuff like this in the cold weather? I hate to break it to all the clothing designers, but if you design something like that thinking we’re all going to show off our finely sculpted arms, you’re wrong. No matter what our arms look like, we’re adding a sweater or wrap to your perfectly designed frock. We are nothing if not practical in Chicago. We’re not going to be cold just to maintain the integrity of your design.

Of course, that might be the plan all along. Maybe all the sleeveless dresses are simply a ploy to get us to purchase more sweaters and wraps. If that’s the case, then please put the sweaters and wraps near the holiday dresses on the retail store floor. Don’t make me go from floor to floor looking for what I need. For online retailers, please give me a way to look at sweaters and wraps side by side with the sleeveless dresses.

The easier you make it for me to find what I need, the more likely I’ll purchase all of it at your store. I really don’t like to shop. I do it because I need something. The words, “I’m going to the mall to see what’s new” have never come out of my mouth.

I’m not saying there isn’t any place to wear sleeveless holiday dresses. My cousins in Florida adore them. My cousins in Texas wear them every year. It’s those of us in cold weather cities who want sleeves. Our girls will look adorable for Christmas in their dress and sweater. With a little luck the dresses will still fit them when it’s appropriate to wear sleeveless dresses in Chicago. So, if you see a woman walking downtown with two little girls in Christmas dresses in July, just smile, ok? The patterns might be out of season, but the design will finally be in season.

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Anonymous said...

Just one more reason I SO appreciate having a boy. I, like you, hate shopping. I treat trips to the mall like well planned tactical hits... I try to park at an exit nearest the store I need to go to, get in and out as quickly as possible. "Window shopping" is not a sport for me.

Christmas wardrobe for us this year is a plain red sweatshirt with a collar shirt underneath and khaki pants. No shopping required... just rearranging things already in the dresser.

Happy holidays!