Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laying down the law

I'm chaperoning the girls' field trip today. As she was getting ready the blond twin decided to make sure I knew the rules for chaperoning.

According to the blond twin, I'm not allowed to talk to their teacher, the other parents or the students and
  • Embarrass them by telling stories about when they were little.
  • Embarrass them by telling stories about their lessons.
  • Embarrass them by talking about how they are good at anything -- golf, piano, horseback riding.
  • Embarrass them by holding their hands.
  • Embarrass them by kissing them.
Basically I'm not allowed to do anything embarrassing, which might mean I'm not allowed to do anything. I told the blond twin that I'd try not to embarrass her, but I wasn't making any promises since the list of things she finds embarrassing is so long.

Ah, the tween years. The good thing is the list of embarrassing things I'm not allowed to do will level off during their teen years when they realize they can make requests, but I'm still going to do whatever I want.

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Christina said...

In a few years you can threaten them with the opposite. "If you don't clean this room I will show up at your school and tell embarrassing stories about when you were little. And I will breathe and let people know you are my child!"