Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas decorating made easy

We're traditionalists when it comes to our Christmas decorating. Everything goes up the day after Thanksgiving. It comes down before the girls go back to school after Winter Break. Today we spent the afternoon putting up our Christmas decorations.

If there is such a thing as a sweet spot when it comes to Christmas decorating, I think we're pretty close. This year our girls took control of the process. While Daddy was putting together our tree, the girls started going through other boxes.

We have a few places we always place decorations. The girls quickly decided how they wanted to organize the decorations this year. All the snowmen were going to one place. The Santas were going into the family room. Other decorations were going upstairs.

They moved from place to place discussing each decoration. Watching them open each box was delightful for me. I know what is in each box, but I'm still delighted to open them every year. Our girls had the same reaction.

When it came time to decorate the tree they decided that their "twin" ornaments needed to hang together. Every year Grammie buys them an ornament. You can trace their interests by the ornaments. We  have ballet slippers, a piano, a mermaid and more. We have pictures of them at different ages. The girls wouldn't hang their twin ornament until each sister had hers in hand.

After working for two hours, the girls were done. They just ran out of energy to do anything else. We had a couple of boxes left that Daddy and I handled. We rearranged a few displays so there was a little space between the decorations. We cleaned up a bit and then sat down to enjoy our Christmas decorations.

It was fun to watch them work. They weren't able to put everything where they wanted so they still needed our help. There were a few panic attacks which were quickly resolved. (Where's my stocking? Why can't I find all four?)

In the past Christmas decorating has been an all day process. It was really something we did in small spurts as we took care of the girls. As the girls became more independent the decorating became ore fun. Now, with four people fully participating in the process, Christmas decorating is a quick process. And, it's still a lot of fun.

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