Sunday, November 10, 2013

Angels among us

We arrived at church today with enough time to wander the foyer signing up for events and chatting with others before the service started. The girls hugged our church school leader and stood in front of a bulletin board debating the merits of different items needed to fill stockings for the homeless.

When we walked into the church the girls' faces fell. Our priest was in front of the church all by himself. Usually he had two young acolytes and at least one adult to assist him with the service. Today he was all by himself. I just sighed. If we had walked into church immediately upon arrival the girls could have been acolytes.

The blond twin looked at me and said, "We need to help father Nicholas. We can't leave him there all alone." The brunette twin said, "Let's go."

The problem was the easy way to get back where the garments are kept was to go up to the front of the church and walk in front of everyone. The outside door was locked, but we knew who had the key. She handed us her keys and a few minutes later the girls were dressed and sneaking up to the acolytes' seats in front of the church.

Father Nicholas smiled when he saw them. Before his sermon he called out the girls and thanked them for coming to help him. He said seeing them walk up the side aisle to the front -- fully vested as he noted -- was like watching angels among us.

We always tell the girls that they have the ability to help people by doing something small. Today they made a difference in our priest's day just by stepping up to do something they had done dozens of times before. It didn't take any money or effort on their part. They simply saw something they wanted to change and they took action.

We couldn't have been more proud.

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