Thursday, November 14, 2013

A tankless task

There's one thing I know will never happen again in this house. I will not take a shower after the girls' have finished their showers. I did that once. The water was cold. It wasn't a nice, relaxing shower as much as it was a race to get out as quickly as possible.

Of all the things on our home improvement list, a tankless water heater is gaining importance. We have friends with tankless water heaters who rave about how wonderful it is that everyone can shower and no one ends up with cold water. One friend talks about how she can run the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry and still shower with hot water.

I didn't care about a tankless water heater until I stood in the cold water. I realize the number of showers will only increase as the girls get older. It will be years before we can realistically reduce our hot water use so it's time to take action if we want to continue to take warm showers. My recent cold water shower wasn't so much fun that I want to repeat it again.

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Anonymous said...

Just know... they are fairly pricy. Best to get it now in the pre-teen years to get the most bang for your buck during these and the teen years ;-)